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"Be Intentional, Get CEO Engagement and Leverage Great, Measurable Technology" says Top 100 Diversity Trailblazer Michele Shelton

Michele Shelton , a DE&I advocate, speaker, and consultant, shared insights regarding the current state of Diversity and Inclusion as part of Talenya’s Diversity Series . Ms. Shelton begins by explaining that companies'  D&I strategies are focused on new issues in Race , Gender , and Class . While race and gender have been long standing issues in diversity and inclusion, sensitivity toward these factors are evolving. Racial inclusion has been an increased concern as a result of an eruption of recent protests surrounding racial justice. Companies are also expanding issues related to gender, including the needs of the LGBTQ+ community and even issues affecting men with respect to their roles within the workplace, outside of the workplace, and issues of fatherhood at home. New trends in D&I are developing within major companies around class, especially amidst the global impact of COVID 19 . “The world is seeing the impact of the pandemic highlighting inequities, which ha

I believe in Talent: Top Diversity and Inclusion leader Fields Jackson on today’s D&I Trends

Talenya is pleased to have had the privilege to sit down with Fields Jackson, CEO of Racing Toward Diversity Magazine and D&I influencer. Fields gave his key insights on the trends in Diversity and Inclusion, as well as his understanding of how businesses can improve recruiting and retention of diverse candidates.  Mr. Jackson shares the three biggest trends in diversity right now: 1) an increased interest in the importance of diversity, 2) an understanding that it drives better business, and 3) the impact of technology in leveling the playing field so all talent can be found. He explains that while companies knew their employees in a work setting, they had rarely realized the realities of the lives of many employees until recently.  “I’ll go back to the George Floyd incident. I think that sort of crystallized what folks in my community have been talking about for years.”   People are starting to understand and care more about what is going on in the communities of minority employ