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A CEO, a Million Dollars and No Staff

A CEO, a Million Dollars an No Staff
This title sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but it’s actually the beginning of a real story.
It started when I got a call from one of our company’s investors. He told me that another company he invested in, needed help recruiting talent. We get calls like this all the time but this one was different. The initial investment made in this company did not work out and the investors decided to push the reset button.
The technology was amazing but the company lacked leadership. They brought in Joseph Fishman, no rookie to the tech world. Joseph has many years of experience leading technology teams from an idea to worldwide operation. However, this company, Quantum RGB, had just the support of the original scientist who developed the technology but no staff. They had Joseph - their new CEO and a million dollars.
This is the situation every recruitment company dreams of. We had an opportunity not just to hire Quantum’s initial team but also to help the CEO craft the hiring strategy that would form the basis for his new company. We sat down with Joseph and brainstormed for hours. Who should be hired first? What was the right mix of people? What is the DNA that we need to look for in these people so they can mash as a team? It was clear that the first hire should be VP of R&D. We brought two of our top Talent Experts and got them engaged in the process.
The first step was to use Talenya’s technology to find candidate profiles we thought were qualified for the VP job and get the CEO’s feedback. Our experience is that until the hiring manager sees real profiles, they are unable to articulate the types and characteristics of candidates they’d deem ideal. Once we got that feedback and could come to a consensus, we were able to form a good idea about the skills and experiences Joseph was looking for in a VP and could set our software to start looking for the right talent.
Now, we started what we call “The Blitz”. Our Talent Experts used our platform to contact hundreds of candidates and we ended up presenting 8 candidates to an interview. Since Joseph had no office, we gave him a room in our office and participated in every interview he had. The candidates came one after the other. Soon Joseph knew his top prospects.
Within two weeks Joseph hired Michael who was an ideal hire for the VP spot. Now we engaged Michael to help screen the rest of the team. The entire team, just four people, were hired in two months. The positions we recruited for were not easy. We had to find unique talent with skills in video analytics and image processing algorithms.  But our software and process along with Joseph and Michael made the difference. We all worked together as a team and the mission was accomplished successfully and on time.  Now Quantum RGB is on the path to success. With great leaders and talent, success is imminent. And most importantly we became friends and neighbors. Joseph and Michael rented their new office in our building.

Gal Almog is a veteran entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Talenya, a technology- based recruitment company. . 

Joseph Fishman and his team at Quantum RGB in their first meeting


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